Our Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic not only treats neck and back pain but also treats many other ailments such as headaches, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, whiplash, sciatica, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle and foot pain. Other tconditions that are that are commonly seen include work and auto accident injuries, pregnancy care, and sports injuries.


Before treatment, we must first evaluate what treatment will help you the best. Dr. Cahn will take a comprehensive and focused history concerning your complaints and past medical issues. He will then perform several common examination procedures tests including, but not limited to range of motion, palpation, reflexes and muscle tests. He may refer you for x-rays or advanced imaging such as MRI and cat scans if deemed necessary. Once a diagnosis is arrived at we will determine what treatments and therapies are appropriate for your particular condition. You should expect that we will provide the fastest relief possible without a sales pitch for never ending care. We have taken the Chiro-Trust pledge: “To the best of my ability, I agree to provide my patients convenient, affordable and mainstream Chiropractic care. I will not use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.”


Our primary focus is to make adjustments in the spine. These adjustments can help improve comfort, range of motion, flexibility, and overall patient wellness. Our goal is RAPID PAIN RELIEF and improve your overall health to improve your performance and make you feel your very best.

Care Methods

All our methods of treatment and patient care are non-invasive, natural and safe. Usually, these methods will consist of a series of adjustments along with other modalities aimed to give you a pain-free, healthy lifestyle.

Why Chiropractic?

For patients that wish to treat the cause of their pain in a natural and safe way, Chiropractic care is their best option. Because chiropractic care does not rely on the use of drugs that treat only the symptoms of an issue but rather, focuses treatment on the source of the issue, a patient’s overall health and wellbeing is elevated. Chiropractic care involves healing through our manual therapies along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. This results in not only solving issues of pain but feeling better and living healthier.

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