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BBPC is one of the Top Chiropractors in Boulder, CO

Boulder Back Pain Clinic has recently been recognized by for being one of the top chiropractors in Boulder, CO, and highest rated Chiropractor in Boulder, Colorado. Providing high-quality chiropractic care, with over 740, five-star reviews. 

Why We are a Top Rated Chiropractor in Boulder

At Boulder Back Pain Clinic our patients receive individualized treatments using a combination of advanced techniques and unique methods that are tailored to meet their needs. Our chiropractic clinic not only focuses on fixing the symptoms of your pain but finding the source of the problem for lasting effective relief. With a variety of natural treatment options and procedures available for existing injury-related and medical conditions, as well as preventative care, you can rest easy knowing that you will obtain the chiropractic care you need to recover quickly so that you can go back to enjoying your life.

We Are Convenient 

Why are we regarded as the Best Chiropractor in Boulder? Our reputation and long-term trust have been earned by serving Chiropractic Care in Boulder’s fine community since 1984. Serving over thirty-five years in the Boulder community. We are conveniently located in the heart of Boulder. Our team understands the highly active community of Boulder and how best to serve them. Serving over 15,000 local Boulder patients. In the Boulder community, we have many trusted local partners. If we can not seek to assist your well-being and get you back on your feet, we will aid to find you a better alternative. 

We Can Help You

Using the Whole Person Treatment Method gives you faster results than most Chiropractors, working twice as fast, and cutting your time of recovery in half. Whether your needs are injury-related or medical-related, Dr. Cahn and Dr, Guzik can provide you with options for both treatment and prevention. Feeling confident and rest assured that you will be given the care you need to recover quickly and in the most prudent way possible without the use of drugs, surgery, or a long period of recovery. Using a series of different methods including soft tissue therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and physical therapy, we can efficiently treat countless people surpassing our community and have become,”one-stop-Chiropractic-shop,” Taking care of countless cases. Whether It’s chronic pain or a car accident, no matter the source of your pain, we will find a solution. 

We Are Experienced

Boulder Back Pain Clinic has the greatest pair of chiropractors from Colorado. Over 35+ years of experience, Dr. Marc Cahn treats the community of Boulder.

Meet Dr. Marc Cahn: Practice Founder

Meet Dr. Aaron Guzik

You Matter

Dr. Marc Cahn and Dr. Aaron Guzik not only focuses on the muscles, joints, bones, and nervous system of your body but evaluates the factors that lead to the cause of pain. Level of activity, family history, lifestyle, or previous injury are common factors.  Boulder Chiropractic Clinic’s main focus is helping you understand and feel secure. As part of our comprehensive exam, we take a detailed health and injury history to determine the exact nature of your problem in order to develop the best treatment plan for you. In addition to providing you with the information on how to prevent injuries and recover faster, we give you the best information so you can take control of how to deal with health issues and injuries as well. “When I see you going from a painful state to a pain-free state it is dramatically rewarding for me and that’s why I became a chiropractor in the first place.”- Dr. Marc Cahn

What our patients say

“The doctors and staff at Boulder Back Pain Clinic are fantastic!  I have seen both Dr. Cahn and Dr. Aaron and both have helped my back issues so much.  I highly recommend anyone who is needing an adjustment or dry needling go see this great group!” – Patient Hayley M.

“Both Dr. Cahn and Dr. Guzik are highly knowledgeable and skilled in providing excellent care to their patients. They were instrumental in getting me through an injury to be able to compete competitively in a triathlon this season. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing high-level chiropractic care!”    – Patient Amy M.

“Dr. Cahn is an exceptional Chiropractor, he understands the needs of an elite-level athlete. He is an athlete himself and coupled with his professional work ethic, knowledge, and dedication to keeping me on the bike and functional, it reduces the lost time to injury as well as injury prevention. He has tremendous experience with elite and professional endurance athletes; I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Go with the best, go see Dr. Cahn.’’ Andre S.

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What Does Chiropractic Treat?

At Boulder Back Pain Clinic, the first step is to completely evaluate a patient based on a variety of factors such as: nature of the injury, level of activity, family history, lifestyle, previous injuries, treatments already completed, and other information to that a customized treatment plan can be quickly put in place.

Chiropractic care can include treating and/or alleviating the pain and symptoms of:

Back pain
Neck pain
Spinal manipulation
Rehabilitative exercises
Sleep disorders
Nutritional needs
Healthy occupational and lifestyle changes
Sports injuries
Accidents and falls
Gastrointestinal syndromes
Ear infections
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Is Chiropractic Safe?

When performed by a trained and licensed chiropractor, chiropractic is safe!

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment. Recently, chiropractic therapy has favorly grown with patients and physicians alike.

How is Chiropractic care safer than pain medications?
Certain pain medications are often addictive drugs and can cause more harm than good, leaving the patient dependent on temporary relief rather than simply treating the source of the pain. Chiropractic is the safer alternative to achieving optimal health. In fact new research published in The Annals of Internal Medicine, found that chiropractic care was better at reducing pain than taking medications like aspirin, ibuprofen or narcotics.

Why is Chiropractic so popular?
It is a non-invasive, safe, effective and gentle practice of naturally healing that activates your body’s healing power. Following a thorough examination and recommendations by a licensed chiropractor will help you feel noticeably better. Chiropractic is popular for treatments like back pain, neck pain, whiplash and auto injury, headaches and migraines.


It is common for people to experience back pain in Boulder, CO. Usually, there is an underlying cause and back pain is a symptom of that condition. There is a range of back pain, it can be dull and achy, or sharp and life-altering. If the pain lasts for more than 3 months it is usually considered chronic pain, but if the pain only lasts for several days it is acute pain. With more severe and lasting pain, medical treatment from a specialist is recommended.
For you to understand the causes and reasons for back pain in Boulder, CO, we’ve created a list of 5 things that can help you be informed about back pain.

Causes of Back Pain
A common cause of back pain in is the low back strain. This happens when back muscles are strained or overworked. If you don’t get treatment your muscles or tendons can get torn. This type of back pain is a result of lifting heavy objects, not lifting properly, or standing or sitting for too long. Other reasons can be from playing any sports that require bending and twisting.
If you experience more serious back pain, there could be many reasons why you are experiencing such horrible back pain. You probably have an underlying condition such as appendicitis, bladder infection, kidney problems, herniated discs, sciatica, or spine injuries and fractures.

Risk Factors for Back Pain
When not treated, back pain can lead to weak back and abdominal muscles, a tilted pelvis, or serious curvature of the spine. All of these symptoms increase the risk of permanent back injury. The sooner you get medical treatment ensures that you won’t develop these symptoms which lower your risk of permanent damage.

Back Pain Symptoms
The most common symptoms of back pain are stiffness and inflammation. Pain can radiate down your legs and you may feel a tingling sensation. The inability to move or maintain a good posture for an extended amount of time is also a symptom of back pain. Other symptoms include muscle spasms and pain that lasts for an extended amount of time.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Back Pain
Make an appointment with your general practitioner. They will take a look at your medical history and give you a physical examination. If they find anything unusual or concerning they will recommend further tests such as an MRI or X-ray. They may also suggest physical therapy or visiting a chiropractor.