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Low back pain is the number one cause of disability around the world! In one study, 25% of U.S. adults reported low back pain, making it the most common type of pain reported.

When you’re experiencing back pain, receiving treatment cannot wait! 

We at Boulder Back Pain Clinic want you to get the help you need as soon as possible with a quality of care that sets us apart from any other chiropractor options!

If you need a chiropractor appointment in Boulder, CO, schedule with Boulder Back Pain Clinic. We have made it easy to schedule an appointment with one of our expert doctors. 

Before you resort to pain medications or risky surgeries, consider a chiropractic visit. Keep reading to learn how to set up a chiropractor appointment today.

Who Are We?

At Boulder Back Pain Clinic, we offer more than back pain treatment. In addition to our professional chiropractic care, our team of experts provides a variety of therapies. These include acupuncture, shockwave, dry needling, ultrasound, cold laser, microcurrent therapy, and much more!

If you have suffered from an auto injury or are struggling with pain from an unknown cause, our team offers over 35 years of experience to help get you feeling great again.

We understand that every patient is unique. That’s why each one of our patients is treated to meet their individual needs. 

Once your concerns are addressed, our doctors get to work using various techniques to relieve acute and chronic problems. Some of these back pain treatments include low force adjustments, decompression or traction, the Graston technique, electrical muscle stimulation, and much more.

You are also given a treatment plan and home care to follow so that you can avoid future injuries or relapses.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care

Over time, we begin to feel aches and pains in our back and joints. Whether you’re an athlete with an injury or someone who wants to relieve chronic pain, chiropractic care is one of your best options.

We take a whole-person approach to address the source of the problem. With the highest quality care, we treat your body’s specific needs so that you can feel like yourself again.

Our chiropractic care allows you to get the relief you need without the use of drugs or surgery.

Not sure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? Studies show an 87% success rate for chiropractic patients being treated for back-related pain.

History of Healing

The manual manipulation of the spine dates back to Ancient Greece and China. These practices were not only used for back pain treatment but to cure many other ailments.

Chiropractic treatment started in 1895 when Dr. D.D. Palmer first performed a spinal adjustment on a partially deaf man named Harvey Lillard. After being adjusted, Lillard’s hearing improved.

Dr. Palmer believed that many pains and ailments could be cured through chiropractic treatments. Today chiropractors continue to help treat a long list of ailments.

We treat headaches, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain. From head to toe, your body relies on the functionality of its entire structure to function.

When a part of your body isn’t moving correctly, especially the spine, you’ll find that other issues begin to compound on each other. This can result in chronic pain or an injury.

At your chiropractor appointment, we take a holistic approach and work with you to find the best options for your body’s overall health. This might be through exercises, adjustments, nutrition, or activating the self-healing properties of your body.

What Are Chiropractic Adjustments?

If you’ve never had a chiropractor appointment before, then you may not be familiar with adjustments. A chiropractic adjustment is the manipulation of vertebrae.

When a vertebra in your back or neck moves out of place or is not moving correctly, your chiropractor might use spinal manipulation to reset it and get better segmental motion. This realigns your vertebrae and relieves pain, muscle spasms, and tension caused by their misalignment and poor movement.

Your chiropractor might ask you to lay face-down or on your back for these adjustments. It’s important to relax your muscles. We sometimes use soft tissue therapy along with chiropractic adjustments for further relaxation.

Soft tissue therapy is a massage to loosen tight muscles. When your muscles are tense, it can cause misalignments in your spine. This can lead to a wide range of other chronic problems.

Why is Chiropractic Care Different?

If you’ve seen a host of other doctors for back pain treatment, then you might be wondering what makes chiropractic care any different?

We find that many other techniques used today treat only the symptoms of the pain. They do not heal the underlying cause of your chronic pain.

At Boulder Back Pain Clinic, we prioritize finding the source of the issue. This allows us to treat you for long-term relief. We take a non-invasive approach without drugs or surgery, for fewer risks and complications.

When Should You See a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic care isn’t just helpful when you have an injury or are in pain. We recommend visiting your chiropractor regularly for preventative measures.

Some people depending on their work, age, or daily activities are more prone to back pain. But everyone can benefit from chiropractic treatment in order to protect their back, joints, muscles, neck, etc. from more serious injuries. 

Chiropractic Treatment for Athletes

If you are an athlete, the constant stress on your body can result in frequent injury. In many cases, this is due to overuse injury or perhaps an acute injury.

An acute injury is caused by a traumatic event such as breaking your ankle or tearing a muscle. Whereas, overuse injury happens over time when you put more strain on your body than it can handle.

Luckily, our team of trained doctors can help you achieve your athletic goals without aggravating or causing further injury. If you are experiencing setbacks in your training due to an overuse injury, then we can get you back on track.

How to Set Up Your First Chiropractor Appointment

Setting up your chiropractor appointment at Boulder Back Pain Clinic is simple.

  1. Get started by completing our online form.
  2. Fill in a few quick pieces of information. Then our office manager, Ellyn, will contact you directly to schedule a time that you’re available.
  3. You can also call our office directly at 303-499-4500. 

We warmly welcome new patients to the clinic. Be sure to check out this guide we’ve created just for you!

If you cannot make it to your appointment, please let our office know within at least 24 hour’s notice. This allows another patient in need to be offered the appointment time.

Patients who do not show up for their appointment and do not give timely notice may be charged a fee.

What to Expect 

At your first chiropractor appointment, you can expect to start by sharing your background history and symptoms.

You will be asked to fill out forms online to provide this background information or to speak directly with one of our doctors. This includes sharing what other treatments you’ve had, how long you’ve had these issues, and where it started.

Let us know where the pain is and describe it. Is it a burning sensation, aching, sharp pain, etc.?

We also want to know of any injuries you have had prior to the issues. What activities or movements make the symptoms better or worse?

Please share any family medical history and other pre-existing medical conditions you have. We also want to know if you are currently seeing other health professionals for treatment and what they are.

Your Chiropractic Exam

Once you’ve shared this information, your doctor will then perform some general tests. This may include checking your blood pressure, pulse, lungs, and reflexes.

Depending on your symptoms and concerns, your chiropractor checks for things like range of motion, muscle tone, and strength, along with neurological integrity. 

Other diagnostic studies are ordered based on your history and circumstances. This might include scans such as x-rays or an MRI depending on the nature of your injury or condition.

Your first appointment typically takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete and usually involves treatment the same day.

Your Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Coming up with a complete diagnosis might take multiple office visits if further tests or scans are needed. 

Once your doctor has all the information needed to make a diagnosis, a comprehensive treatment plan is designed specifically for you.

In the future, you may find that periodic chiropractic treatments are helpful and allow you to perform your  work duties and daily activities more comfortably and avoid future injuries..

Sticking to Your Treatment Plan

It can be difficult to commit to your treatment plan and appointments on top of your busy schedule. It’s okay to share your concerns with us.

We understand how life gets in the way of healing. Making time to schedule your appointments and following your plan is important to your progress. 

Our doctors want to work with you and your schedule so you can feel better as soon as possible.

Will It Hurt? 

Our chiropractic care is extremely gentle and non-invasive. Your treatment should not cause you pain. However, if you are already in pain before your appointment, then you may experience discomfort from the treatment.

Let your doctor know ahead of time the level of pain you are in. We take extra precautions to make sure you are comfortable throughout your visit.

After an adjustment, your doctor may suggest hot or cold compresses to relax the tension and relieve inflammation. Let us know immediately if you experience unbearable or intense pain during or after your appointment.

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Malana L.

I've been seeing Dr. Cahn for over 3 years now and love that he is relaxed, genuine, and personal.  He has helped resolve issues with my neck, low back, and hip. I go in for the treatment, but it's probably the great conversations we have that keep me coming back!

Mike D.

Dr. Guzik is awesome. He's knowledgeable, affable, and passionate about wellness. He has a natural, easygoing way with patients that will put you right at ease. I have only great things to say about this practice and Dr. Guzik!

Amy M.

Both Dr. Cahn and Dr. Guzik are highly knowledgeable and skilled in providing excellent care to their patients. They were instrumental in getting me through an injury to be able to compete competitively in triathlon this season. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing high level chiropractic care!

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